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We offer solutions to defrost meat, fish, vegetables and fruit during the production process quickly, in a controlled and efficient manner, while maintaining quality.

Advantages of this in food production:
• Speed and flexibility in the production process
• Hygienic, optimal food safety
• No drip loss, preservation of quality (organoleptic properties) foods
• Energy efficient

Process technology for defrosting using microwaves

The use of frozen meat, fish, vegetables or fruit requires an optimal defrosting process. Instead of tempering in cold stores, we use microwaves.

 Advantages of defrosting with microwave technology

• Speed and flexibility: defrost in 3 to 20 minutes. Preservation of product properties such as colour, weight, flavour, vitamins.
• No product loss / no drip loss / raw material yield improvement
• Applicable to products in packaging such as plastic foil, cardboard or plastic box. You save on labor and processing time.
• Saving on required space/ reduction of buffer stocks.
• Reliable and controllable process. Optimal food safety.
• Temperature homogeneity, very limited temperature differences

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Defrosting as part of the production process is possible on the basis of a batch system or on the basis of a continuous system. We are happy to advise you on this.


Batch system Continu system
 batch  systeem ontdooien  continu systeem ontdooien


ake a look at the video below: an AMW batch solution from SAIREM  to defrost meat, vegetables and fruit quickly and safely.



Another option is the TMW tunnel or continuous solution for defrosting.





For defrost tunnels or other solutions for defrosting, we work together with SAIREM,  a world leader in microwave and RF technology. SAIREM has been developing and innovating high-tech microwave & RF generators for industrial applications since 1978. Reliability, high performance, innovation and service are key for SAIREM. The installed base is more than 5,000 SAIREM machines in operation in 70 countries.ontdooitunnels of andere oplossingen voor ontdooien werken wij samen SAIREM, 

Questions or contact about the use of microwave in industrial defrosting?

Would you like to know more about the application of microwave or RF technology in your production process? Contact one of our experts:

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